The perfect balance between style and function

Style without comfort has no function. Athletes know this. Because your clothing is as important as the sport you practice, Veneto brings four decades of fine sportswear to your experience. Whether you are an avid cyclist or a triathlete, our clothing will redefine your goals and enhance your achievement. We were born in the Dolomites, where cyclists test their endurance beyond the ordinary. Our sportswear represents precisely that concept. Because passion never changes. Veneto Sportswear represents the essence of Italian craftsmanship: design, technology and history from the heart of the cycling mecca. Designed and meticulously handmade in Italy, our products reflect our clear understanding of the apparel needs and stylistic preferences of North American and European cyclists and triathletes.

With more than 40 years of design expertise and commitment to quality, we offer a product line that delivers unparalleled comfort, performance and distinctive designs. Our passion for our products is an extension of our love for cycling and triathlons.


Our Chamois, or “Shammy” has the most support of any in the industry. With our engineered split design, our shammy absorbs the movement of your body (not around it) with the result of not having your shammy moving around and creating some saddle sore. Also, our shammy is the only one that adjust to today’s new seats technology with either indentures on the seat or a opening in the middle. After a year of usage, our shammy will only lose 3 to 5% of their original support. We use PERFORMANCE SPACE pad for men, and ENDURANCE pad for women. For our basic range we use MARTE unisex pad. For triathlon a specific TRI pad unisex


Our team of designers is made up of passionate artists. A right mix of technical experience and creativity. They will certainly find the right solution for you or surprise you with their artwork. The draft is presented with a realistic 3D simulation, with which you can appreciate the final effect and be sure to give the go ahead to the print.


The press is undoubtedly our strong point. We are among the few to print in 8 colors. This means that we can reproduce all the colors you want. Modern machine, of the best brand, allows to obtain a deep and vivid color. The inks are certified and suitable for sports use.


Veneto Sportswear combines some of the industry’s most advanced materials and technology to deliver the lightest and fastest drying materials available. Every garment that we make has been developed from the ground up by a team of dedicated designers with a deeply rooted passion for cycling and triathlon. We consider every aspect of design as important, which is why we invest in materials research, trim development, fresh construction techniques and pattern development to make sure every piece in our collection is not just designed for the specific user and riding conditions in mind, but is engineered and manufactured to deliver the ultimate performance that World Champions demand.

Our cycling kits use five different materials which makes us unique in our industry, with each serving a distinct purpose:

  • 15% to 30% elasticity
  • Excellent UV protection for skin protection
  • Odor and bacterial resistant.
  • True compression materials on our bibs
  • The lightest, most aerodynamic, fastest drying materials in the industry, used by pros at the Giro, the Tour and Ironman

Our jersey’s weight between 150 GR /5.3 OZ to 84GR 3.0 OZ
Ou bibs weight between 210 GR /5.71 OZ to 162GR 4.0 OZ


The production is carried out in the traditional way, in order to constantly check the quality of the garment and the seams. We have many colored threads, so we can respect the design of the garment. The sewing machinery is high-end and capable of carrying out all the finishes required by the product. Inside the single garment you will find the quality certificates of the fabric and materials used.